When Do You Need An Attorney?

While not every case requires the services of an attorney (such as simple court claims and fighting a speeding ticket), there are times when only a good lawyer can get you off the hook. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a legal matter either. You may need an attorney for legal advice on various issues, such as when making a major purchase or investment. Some of the instances where you are much safer with a lawyer include:

1. When going through a terrible divorce

While no one plans to have a divorce in the future, some instances are just unavoidable. A divorce can shatter a person’s life and self-esteem particularly if there are dependents involved. If going through a tough divorce and are worried about the outcome, you should then consider hiring a divorce attorney. A good divorce lawyer should help handle the divorce expertly, thus giving you time to heal or focus on other more important things.

2. Personal injury due to someone’s carelessness or negligence

If you sustained an injury at work or due to an auto accident where someone else was at fault, you then ought to seek compensation or justice. Some forms of injuries can be decapitating, meaning the patient may never be able to work again. If engaging the offender seems unfruitful, you then should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will look into your case to see if you have a good claim. If the claim is viable, he/she will then engage the other party, or even push for a trial to ensure you get compensated fairly. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency, meaning you never have to pay anything until the case is won.

3. When facing a criminal charge, or a DUI

Tax fraud, domestic violence, vehicular homicide, and DUI are examples of criminal charges that could land you in jail. If you have been accused of any criminal offense, the only way you stand a chance in court is with a good defense attorney. These attorneys not only know the law better than you do but could also help reduce the charge to a petty case. You however need to hire the best you can afford for your life depends on it. Attempting to represent yourself is as good as gambling with your life.

4. Drafting and discharging a will

While drafting a will may be easy for some people, having it fulfilled to the letter is the hard part. Leaving your property and wealth under the mercy of dependents almost always ends up with a split family or even worse. The only way to ensure your will is followed to the letter is if you have an attorney discharge it. The attorney should not only help you draft the will, but also ensure everyone gets his/her fair share.

5. When making a major purchase

Hiring an attorney to oversee almost every major investment or purchase you make, can help keep you out of trouble. Investments such as investing in real estate, or even adopting a child require the expertise of an attorney to ensure you don’t break any law.

These are just but a few of the many areas where an attorney’s service is needed. Always go for a lawyer specializing in that particular niche for the best representation. Look into several lawyers before deciding on the best one for the job.