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If you were involved in an accident in Los Angeles you may be suffering from a personal injuryConsider for a moment all of the people that live and make their lives in Los Angeles. Did you know that it’s almost 4 million people? Most of them are hardworking individuals with jobs, many with families, and nearly all of them with expenses of one nature or another.

The residents of Los Angeles work hard to live fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, life is not always so simple. Sometimes tragedy strikes and accidents happen, and some of them can be life-altering. This is quite true in an urban area like Los Angeles.

Are Injuries Common in Los Angeles?

Every year, thousands of people in the Los Angeles area suffer from a wide variety of physically debilitating and financially costly injuries. These injuries usually occur from car and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, accidents in the workplace, and even neglect in nursing home settings. But there are many more.

What Causes These Injuries?

Many of these injuries are unexpected and often come at the expense of another person’s carelessness or negligence. Many of these victims are not prepared for the financial burden that will be thrown at them. Between initial medical expenses, subsequent therapies, and the need to repair or replace damaged property that may have been involved, this challenge is insurmountable for many. Many victims of accidents do not know where or even how to seek proper compensation for the injuries or damages. In circumstances like this, they can turn to Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer.

What Can Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Do For Me?

At Los Angeles PI Law, our primary – our only – focus is on you, the victim. We are dedicated to using our abilities and resources to bring about a fair settlement for your unfortunate accidents that often come as an expense of the recklessness or negligence of others. Whether you’ve suffered broken bones in a car accident, a slip or a fall in an improperly cautioned public setting, or were the subject of neglect in a nursing home and suffered bodily injury, our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are all dedicated to bringing your case to justice. Our goal is to be an advocate in court and help you seek the compensation you rightfully deserve for your suffering. This way you can relax from figuring out how to get your life back and start planning for when you get it back.

Our team has had very successful cases in many areas of injury law including but not limited to:

Common Cases Handled By A Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Car Accidents – Injuries from car accidents can occur regardless if your vehicle was involved in a minor fender bender or in a full head-on collision. Insurance companies will try to settle for the least amount of money possible to cover medical expenses and money for a new car. Having a car accident lawyer who has worked with insurance companies and victims involved in car accidents is beneficial to make sure you are not being taken advantage in your time of need.

Motorcycle Accidents – The main difference between a motorcycle accident and a car accident injury is the fact that you are much more vulnerable in a motorcycle than in a car. Injuries from motorcycle accidents are much more severe and the amount of compensation you deserve for someone else’s negligence should be higher. A motorcycle accident attorney on your side is the right thing to do.

Truck Accidents – If you are hit by a truck there could be several factors at play. The driver could have been sleepy at the wheel from being overworked. A truck accident attorney will help you decide whether or not the truck driver was liable for the accident or he was the victim of unsafe working conditions. Either way, you will work together to help get you the justice you are entitled to.

Nursing Home Abuse – Long-term care is a difficult decision for any family. As age expectancy increases and more and more elderly people in nursing homes, the risk of nursing home abuse and neglect also increase. The warning signs of nursing home abuse are hard to spot because they can be attributed to old age. If you feel that your loved one is being abused do not hesitate to contact your attorney.

Construction Accidents – Those who work construction but themselves in dangerous situations on a daily basis. However, there are certain standards and procedures put in place to make sure the working environment is safe. When these standards are met and an injury occurs in the workplace, you might be eligible for a third party lawsuit. Going over the specifics of your case with a construction accident attorney will determine if your case is worthy of filing.

Slip and Fall Accidents – Whether you slipped on an icy sidewalk or tripped over raised flooring or ripped carpeting, suffering an injury for taking a tumble can cause missed time at work and an onslaught of medical bills. You might have the right to file a premises liability lawsuit if you can show that the owner of the property was aware of the hazardous condition.

Common Injuries From Accidents in Los Angeles

Broken Bone Injuries – A broken bone might be a common injury but it comes with a price. Between x-rays, orthopedics, casts, physical therapy and the lost wages from not being able to work, the amount of debt can be overwhelming. Allow the injury attorneys at Los Angeles PI Law be your advocate so you can rest and recover.

Spinal Cord Injuries – In more severe accidents, spinal cord injuries may occur. These injuries can lead to numbness, weakness, loss of coordination, and sometimes paralysis. These injuries should not be taken lightly. If you feel that an accident due to someone’s negligence caused your spinal cord injury, contact a lawyer immediately.

Brain Injuries – There are two forms of brain damage – traumatic and non-traumatic. In either case, if you feel that you or a loved one suffered brain damage from an accident or a defective medical product, contact an injury attorney to help you decide the right legal recourse.

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Not everyone in California is rich and famous, so the people of LA always deserve the best representation possible when life gets in the way. Don’t let one accident completely derail your life. It doesn’t matter if you hurt your back in a car accident or hurt your arm in a slip and fall: you deserve just compensation.

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