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A Los Angeles Nursing Home resident suffering abuse

In this day and age, the average person is living longer than ever before. Often, this is only associated with opportunity and speaks to better health and wellness in our communities. However, sometimes the need for medical and personal assistance is greater due to the advanced age of many individuals. Whether it be a parent, a grandparent or even a close family friend, we want nothing but the best for our loved ones when we trust their care to a skilled nursing facility. And while many facilities are known for providing quality care for our family, there are several instances where this is unfortunately far from the case with the potential for injury from nursing home abuse and neglect.

As mentioned before, many people are living longer lives in this day, and many of them require advanced daily care as a result. With a greater percentage of the population advancing well into retirement age, the need for proper staffing is an unfortunate problem that exists within the nursing home industry. Understaffed facilities that designate too many individuals to the care of only a few workers has greater potential for leading to injuries to our loved ones. And while this may be far from the intention, it is still a sad fact to consider.

However, there are also those that enter employment into a nursing home setting with less than virtuous intention. It is almost never something we want to consider as caretakers of our family members, but it is also an unfortunate truth. There are many cases of injury resulting within a nursing home that are directly caused by abuse and neglect of staff assigned to care for them. And this sort of abuse can manifest itself in a number of ways:

Pressure sores and bed sores

One of the most common injuries suffered among the elderly are pressure sores resulting from neglect. These sores tend to arise when an individual has remained in bed or a certain position for an extended period of time without removing him/herself (or being assisted, in many cases) or at least being repositioned to relieve pressure from one part of the body.

Slipping and falling

Many individuals in their advanced age require some sort of assistance when navigating from place to place. Whether this come in the form of a cane, a walker or even the direct assistance of nursing home staff, the goal is to ensure safety and confidence when ambulating. Unfortunately, neglect of these individuals in need often leads to unnecessary injury through slips and falls. Injuries resulting from these circumstances have been known to be, not only severe, but potentially fatal.


Like anyone else, elderly individuals need regular and meaningful sustenance to maintain their health. When this nutrition is withheld from them or even when they are simply not encouraged to eat or drink, it can have devastating consequences on their quality of life.
Wandering and elopement

Many individuals of an advanced age are known to suffer from effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and they require a particularly high standard of care. When these individuals are neglected and when security measures are substandard, they run the high risk of wandering away from their home environment and eloping into the community. In circumstances like these, the exposure to risk of injury or death is frightening.

All of these causes of injury are easily seen by those observing, however there are also the results of emotional abuse to consider. Less noticeable directly, they are no less impacting on the overall health of an individual. Emotional abuse tends to come about most often by way of being isolated (most commonly, locked or restricted to their own bedroom or other sleeping quarters), ignored by staff who are hired to care for them, or being verbally abused. While they are less noticeable, the effects of these sorts of mistreatment tend to make themselves known through specific changes in behavioral patterns or personality.

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