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While many motorists assume the driver’s seat of a car, truck or van when driving down the highway, there are many who assume the widely-viewed freedom of a motorcycle seat. An increasingly popular mode of transportation, the aesthetic of riding a motorcycle compared to driving an enclosed vehicle is one preferred by many motorists. The feeling of freedom on an open road can be uplifting and invigorating to those who choose this method. However, this feeling of freedom can come at great cost. While it may be invigorating, the exposure of one’s entire body makes a motorcycle rider much more vulnerable in motor vehicle accidents and much more susceptible to serious injuries on a wide spectrum.

Like many car accidents, truck accidents, and accidents involving other enclosed vehicles, there are a number of similar causes that can affect the performance of one riding a motorcycle that can put them at great risk:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving (texting, eating, etc.)
  • Riding under the influence
  • Tailgating, weaving through traffic, or other aggressive driving
  • Failure to wear protective gear
  • Poor weather or road conditions
  • Lack of experience on a motorcycle

There is also a common practice among motorcyclists called “lane splitting.” This act, as it sounds, is when a motorcycle rides along a painted lane divider on the road, driving through multiple lanes of traffic at one time. While there is much debate as to the legality of this throughout the country, lane splitting is in fact legal in Los Angeles – with specific guidelines to accompany that ruling. Some argue that it runs the risk of causing greater injury to motorcyclists while others believe it improves traffic flow and cuts down on practices such as tailgating.

In either case, responsible driving is the key, and the safety of all motorists should be a priority. But, whether or not lane splitting increases or decreases the risk of accidents and injury, motorcyclists, in particular, are still at great risk due to their lack of a significant presence on the road. While it is easier to maintain observation on larger vehicles, the stigma associated with drivers effectively “ignoring” motorcycles remains a danger to those who use them. The lack of consideration, negligence as well as potential recklessness puts motorcyclists at greater risk.

Injuries as the direct result of any automobile accident can be severe and costly, but the safety measures that may be taken within a sedan far outweigh those that can be taken with a motorcycle. Motorcyclists do not have the luxury of seat belts or automatic emergency braking to prevent accidents or injuries as a result of them. Thus, the injuries suffered by motorcyclists have the potential to be exponentially direr.

As is the case with any automobile accident, receiving medical treatment should be top priority for anyone suffering injuries from a motorcycle accident. Make sure to maintain a regular correspondence with a medical professional to keep track of the onset of new symptoms so they may be determined to be a delayed result of injuries suffered. Gathering evidence and proving liability in an accident is generally the next step. Most insurance companies will attempt to settle quickly at a reduced rate, hoping to sway the injured parties with fast money that may or may not cover the extent of all injuries. It is important at this point to consult an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney before settling. The expert attorneys of Los Angeles Personal Injury Law are wholly committed to seeing injuries suffered from motorcycle accidents compensated as optimally as the law will allow.

If you’ve found yourself in an unfortunate motorcycle accident recently, contact us for a consultation of your case. We will review the facts and evidence with you, help you determine and prove liability by interviewing witnesses, and bring your case to settlement or even court – our litigation attorneys will aggressively pursue all justified awards for your injuries and any damages thereof, so you can concentrate on getting your life back in order. Because at Los Angeles Personal Injury Law, our dedication is to Los Angeles and its citizens.