Arnold Schwarzenegger At Risk Of Personal Injury Lawsuit

Former California governor and long-time actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a multi-vehicle car accident in late January, authorities say. One woman driving a Toyota Prius was injured during the collision and brought to a nearby hospital for laceration treatment. The accident occurred at the junction of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Drake Madison told Fox News, “There was a four-vehicle traffic accident on Sunset and Allenford at 4:35 p.m….One vehicle on top of another. He said that “one female was transported to a local hospital with an abrasion.”

According to TMZ, Jake Steinfeld was also in Schwazenegger’s car at the time of the accident. There are no signs of alcohol or drug use.

In many high-profile accidents such as the aforementioned, the injured parties are much more likely to file a personal injury lawsuit. This is primarily because of “ambulance chasers,” or attorneys who seek out injured parties for easy out-of-court lawsuits they know they can settle without much of a fight. Celebrities make easier targets.

In this case, though, victim Habiba Muminova turned out to be a huge fan of Schwarzenegger’s. Coincidentally, Muminova’s job actually involves driving clients to doctor’s appointments! Due to the accident — which left her and her vehicle damaged — she is unable to work. Muminova has back pain. It turns out she does expect to contact a lawyer following the accident. She told reporters she thought she was hallucinating when she saw the actor. Schwarzenegger apparently suffered no injuries.

TMZ reported that Schwarzenegger was at fault for the crash. Authorities have yet to comment. 

Schwarzenegger’s bank account can surely afford to take a hit in or out of court, but he recently finalized a divorce that likely set him back a pretty penny.

Los Angeles is one of the worst cities for car owners, who spend more time than average waiting in traffic. For comparison’s sake, NYC ranks number three, and Moscow ranks number two. Drivers might expect to wait dozens of hours in traffic each year. The average LA driver spends an awe-inspiring $1,774 in gas and servicing bills every year simply waiting in traffic. Schwarzenegger was seen riding his bike in the days following the accident.

Were you in a serious car accident? Whether or not you believe yourself to be at fault, you should collect information from witnesses, call the police, notify insurance adjusters, seek medical attention, and find a personal injury attorney for legal advice on possible next steps. You may or may not be at fault, but you might have a personal injury case either way — especially if more than two parties were involved in the accident, or the accident resulted from a defective vehicle.