You Lost Your Personal Injury Claim: What To Do Next

Let’s say the worst happens and you were in a catastrophic car accident. The collision was someone else’s fault — but at trial, the judge ruled against your personal injury claim. Maybe the judge even ruled that you were more likely at fault. All at once, your life might fall apart. What can you do? Here are the next steps.

Chances are you already have a personal injury lawyer. This is a good chance to find out if that lawyer really was the best fit for you and your case. Maybe you can find someone else who appears to believe in your claims.

There’s really only one action to take after losing your personal injury claim in court. You appeal the ruling of the case. Keep in mind that this is a slow, grueling process — and that an appeals court is unlikely to overturn a ruling.

In general, there are only a few reasons why a higher court would overturn a ruling made in a lower court. Usually, a mistake must have been made. Unfortunate though it may be, the appellate court will not reevaluate evidence. Instead, the court will provide additional analysis of the laws involved. 

That’s why most of the best options for next steps don’t involve the courts at all. Seek advice from a financial consultant and take another look at your insurance. Did your car insurance provider find you at fault for the accident? They may have reached a different decision than the court. Either way, you might be entitled to compensation through insurance. 

Another possibility? Sue someone else. Perhaps evidence uncovered during the discovery process points to another negligent party. You might have legal recourse there. 

Speak with your personal injury lawyer regardless of which choice you make. Don’t ignore legal counsel. Remember: these individuals know more about the law than laymen ever could. They will always try to act in a client’s best interests — because it’s in their own best interests to do so.