Why Negligent Security Is Not A Laughing Matter

Something is a common trope in American films is the lackadaisical security guard. The security guard is at his desk, fast asleep and the bad guys sneak passed moving very slowly as to not wake him up. Sometimes the security guard is watching TV and is distracted missing the obvious bad guy outside of the door. As humorous as this might be, this happens in the real world too, not just in film and television.

When a criminal makes his way past the security and commits a crime and that crime injures someone, there are severe consquences not only for the criminal but for whoever is in charge of keeping visitors safe. When a victim suffers injuries that result from crimes such as robbery, assault, sexual assault and battery they might have the right to file an additional personal injury lawsuit against the security guard or whoever is responsible for their safety as well as bring a civil lawsuit against the person who committed the crime.

Negligent Security cases are a form of premise liability. Plaintiff’s need to prove that the property owner failed to provide adequate security which led to a crime which led to their injuries. Failure to do security patrols, non-functioning lighting, broken fences, and hotel/motel locks not working are all circumstances that could and should have been avoided, therefore making the landowner partially responsible for their injuries.

These crimes can happen in several locations but mostly occur in parking lots, apartment complexes, hotels, bars, shopping plazas, and business complexes. These types of cases are often difficult to litigate, however, our personal injury lawyers have experience handling these types of cases and getting compensation for our clients’ injuries sustained through a crime. For more information contact our personal injury attorneys.