Why Do Los Angeles Residents Build Personal Injury Cases?

Injuries are sustained by individuals all over the planet — but a person living on the coast is more likely to drown than a person living inland, and a person living next to Home Depot is more likely to be run over by a forklift than a person living next to a Roman Catholic church. That’s one reason why regional demographics factor into the likelihood of one kind of personal injury case over another. 

And then there’s another difference: What do residents care about most? A Texan might care about a burned flag more than a New Yorker, for example, whereas a resident of Vermont might care more about environmental spills and contaminants than someone who lives in Alabama. What do Los Angeles residents care about the most? These are the most common personal injury cases in the city of angels.

The vast majority of Los Angeles personal injury claims were the result of slips, trips, and falls. These accidents occur when a business fails to place a sign near a wet floor or a municipality fails to fix a bumpy sidewalk. They might occur as the result of inattentiveness — or they might occur when someone tries to pull a fast one (although we don’t recommend building a frivolous lawsuit because the consequences can be financially disastrous). There have been nearly a million claims in this category.

Construction is common in big cities like Los Angeles, which is why the next most common claim resulted from falling objects (that caused injury). These can occur when an object is dropped from a high point at a construction site. They can also occur when objects in storage fall inside a retail establishment. Not surprisingly, these claims blow up after earthquakes.

Los Angeles is also known around the world for its traffic congestion. Car accidents are the next most likely cause of a personal injury claim — and they tend to result in big verdicts for the injured parties. Accidents can result from gridlock or driver error, but they can also happen because of drugs, alcohol, or even potholes. Pedestrian and motorcycle accidents are common as well.

The fourth most likely reason for a personal injury claim is overexertion. These are common because of the number of retail brick and mortar stores and warehouses operating inside the city limits. Overexertion can also occur at construction sites or during sports activities. It’s partly on the “boss” to maintain good safety practices. When the boss fails, the boss gets sued. 

Cutting and piercing injuries are also common in Los Angeles. These occur due to assault and battery, gunshots, blenders, animal bites or attacks, nail gun accidents, and even tattoo artists failing to maintain ink guns. 

Should you know anyone who was injured for these (or other) reasons and it’s someone else’s fault, they have the right to sue. More importantly, the vast majority of personal injury lawyers work on contingency — which means they don’t get paid upfront. There’s no collection of fees until a winning verdict or settlement is made.