What To Do If Your E-Cigarette Explodes

While electronic cigarettes are better for you than their counterpart, there is still an inherent risk. Due to their lithium-ion batteries, these e-cigarette’s tend to overheat causing a chain reaction which leads to an explosion.

If you are using your e-cig properly and you experience an explosion, there are several steps you need to follow in order to make sure that you can properly claim a personal injury lawsuit.

The first step as with most injury cases is to seek medical treatment. Common injuries include burns to the thighs, hands, and genitalia. Many burn victims from e-cigarettes require hospitalization and in a few cases surgery.

The second step is to make sure you save the electronic cigarette. This is very important. This will help us determine if the explosion happened due to a manufacturer error. If you do not save the electronic device, we will not be able to prove that the manufacturer is responsible for your injuries (rather than just user error).

The third step is to take pictures of the product and your injuries. Also get any reports from health care professionals about your injury. Once you have all this information you can then approach a skilled product liability attorney about filing a personal injury lawsuit.

If successful you could be compensated for your medical injuries as well as pain and suffering. Contact one of our product liability attorneys.