Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

While this is a very touchy subject, nursing home abuse is something that happens and that affects thousands of elderly individuals each and every year. People who put their parents and loved ones into one of these homes need to know what to be on the look out for and how they should deal with these abuses as well. This is one of the many ways that children can look after their parents, even after they have moved them to a home where they will receive 24/7 care.

Sometimes this kind of abuse is small, based upon the idea of making the residents feel like children, or like they can do nothing right. This includes scolding them for things beyond their control, telling them that they are a burden, or otherwise attacking them verbally. This can also be taking away their privileges, not giving them mail from their children, watching their communications, and otherwise making them feel like they are infants. This is not okay, and it can leave the people who cared for use over the years feeling like they have done something wrong, when all they are trying to do is live.

It can be small physical things as well. Things that wouldn’t leave a bruise, but that would hurt the person in question. Grabbing the wrist of a patient too hard, smacking their fingers away from something, forcing them to sit in their own mess, and many other things like this. Sometimes it can be things like sticking them a few too many times with a needle, subjecting them to checks and appointments that they don’t need, and otherwise causing them small amounts of harm as a punishment.

It can be ignoring a patient, making them feel like their needs aren’t important. On example is not getting water for a patient when they have asked, not changing out a bed pan, not giving them a shower or a bath, or not helping them get up. All of these are merely seen as ignoring the patient, but they are also forms of abuse that can leave a lasting impression. A good care facility will make sure that the clients are always being cared for and that they will always feel like they are important. If your parent or other relative does not feel like they are being well cared for they might be being abused.

Finally, there is the form of abuse that is the worst, over the top physical abuse. This can be anything from hitting and beating a patient to restraining them or forcing them to go without food for days at a time. We like to pretend that this kind of abuse doesn’t happen, but it is much more common with patients who have mental health needs or who do not have family who come to see them. There are some sick individuals who take pleasure in harming older people, and sometimes these individuals get jobs in nursing homes.

Always check in with your relatives to make sure that they are not being subject to nursing home abuse.