The Worst Reports Of Elder Abuse In The Last Decade

There is a growing epidemic of elder abuse cases across the United States, in part because so few people know about the problem. Personal care workers aren’t always aware that what they’re doing is wrong, but most elder care homes and facilities have video surveillance in order to make sure their employees are properly caring. But what happens when the facility fails to take the right measures? What happens when a family member is the one committing the abuses?

If you suspect your elderly loved one has been abused by a caretaker, then please contact the authorities–and an attorney–right away. Here are a few of the worst reports of elder abuse in the last decade!

  1. The Kingstree Nursing Facility in South Carolina found itself in hot water in 2012 when an elderly patient in its care was discovered by a family member with a broken hip and severe bruising all over her body. According to the patient, she was attacked by two women. This case brought to light the fact that both authorities and the facilities in question were allowed to withhold details stemming from private investigations into elder abuse, a policy that the resident’s son fought tooth and nail to rescind. He wants closure for his mother, who died only a few weeks after the alleged attack.

  2. When Peggy Quesenberry called an ambulance for her mother’s shortness of breath, what authorities found instead was described as a nightmare the likes of which they’d never seen before in the their professional lives. Quesenberry’s mother was covered in urine and fecal matter, and her blanket was fully adhered to her skin. She died weeks later, and Quesenberry was subsequently arrested for elder abuse. Because of the severity of the situation, she faced a psychological evaluation before she was sentenced.

  3. A judge dropped the hammer on the Heartland Nursing Home in Charleston, West Virginia with a $91.5 million verdict after an 87-year-old Alzheimer’s patient succumbed to dehydration and malnutrition. According to authorities, in 19 days at the facility she had barely been provided with any water at all.

  4. The details of the last case are becoming increasingly common among elder care patients, proving our indifference to our own families. Workers have been taking humiliating photos of residents only to post them to social media later. In one case, a worker’s friend posted a picture of a resident’s genitals after a friend sent them to her. The police arrested them both.