Smart Cars – A Safe And Environmentally Friendly Choice

Are you considering buying a Smart Car and wondering if they are safe? These tiny cars are designed to be the perfect big-city vehicle. They are fuel-efficient, easy to park and environmentally friendly. Their size makes many people wonder just how safe they are. It is because of their small size that their designers kept safety in mind when they developed the Smart Car concept. There are several things designers included in the manufacturing of the car to help ensure it was as safe as possible.

Starting with the basic shell, the Smart Car has a Tridion frame. The car’s entire frame is constructed with steel, reinforced at the strategic points. When a Smart Car is involved in an accident, the force of the impact is distributed evenly throughout the car.

Designers also consider the wheels as important safety elements. The wheelbase is very compact meaning when another vehicle hits the Smart Car, they will most likely hit a wheel which will absorb at least a part of the crash energy. If a Smart Car is hit head on, the front wheels will crumple and also absorb the energy from the crash.

Smart Cars are designed with two collision boxes. There are both front and rear crash boxes to help alleviate the results of the impact. The front box has slip tubes and transverse members which help reinforce the box, while the rear box has aluminum support. Combined with the body panels, the Smart Car can take a crash up to 2 mph and not incur any damage. The cars can absorb accident speeds up to 9 mph because these crash boxes crumple to help protect the Tridion safety cell.

The Smart Car is also constructed from plastic materials which are shatterproof and which will simply come off during a collision. Additional safety features include automatically stopping the fuel supply and automatically unlocking all doors.

The Smart Car also includes full-size passenger and driver airbags as a standard feature. Side airbags are also offered as an optional feature.

The Smart Car also includes a full restraint system. The guides for the rear seatbelts are integrated into the rest in the back seat. The car also includes a three-point system for its seat belts which makes them comfortable for all passengers and the driver no matter what seat position they prefer. The car also allows the passenger seat to be pushed back to help prevent passengers from colliding with the driver and to provide the driver a better view of that side of the vehicle.

Smart Cars also include pre-tensioners which serve as automatic tightening devices that keep the seat belts in place during a car accident. The system also releases within when the pressure is reduced so there isn’t too much force applied to the chest.

Another important feature is the steering column. It is designed to telescopically retract upon impact which helps prevent injury to the driver. The car’s engine is positioned in the rear which can also help prevent injury. With all these safety features, the Smart Car is a safe choice.