Los Angeles Superior Court Will Hear All Testimony Regarding Usher/Herpes Case

R&B singer Usher is facing trial against three plaintiffs who accuse him of infecting them with the herpes virus. The plaintiff’s complaint alleges of sexual battery, fraud, negligence and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress as they claim the singer did not alert them that he was infected before they engaged in sexual acts with him.

A judge ruled earlier this week that the case will indeed take place in a Los Angeles Superior Court despite one of the plaintiff’s petitioning to have the case moved to their home state. But since the defendant Usher Raymond IV lives in California (as well as the other two plaintiffs), Judge Michelle Williams ruled that it will be tried in California.

The three plaintiffs include Quantasia Sharpton, a Jane Doe and a John Doe. A judge granted the motion to conceal the identity of the other plaintiff’s for protection. Jane Doe who lives in Georgia said through her lawyer Jivaka Candappa, that she will be deposed by Usher’s lawyer and that other witnesses in her state will be able to make the trip.

The judge also denied the right to have a separate trial in Georgia as it would be prejudicial to Usher to do so and would have consequences on the outcome of the Los Angeles trial.

However, it is believed the Jane Doe in question is Laura Helm. She had originally filed a $20 million lawsuit on her own but decided to join forces with Quantasia and John Doe asking for her original lawsuit to be dismissed. Laura revealed herself and accused Usher of delaying the case.

Quantasia did not contact Herpes. The status of John Doe is unknown at this time and Laura did contact Herpes allegedly through her encounters with Usher. The plaintiffs are being represented by Lisa Bloom, the attorney representing Weinstein against his sexual cases.