Exercising Caution When Local Governments Relax Coronavirus Restrictions

We are all going a little stir-crazy right now. And why shouldn’t we? For months, we’ve been locked away indoors while most of our businesses shut theirs down. We’ve looked at our friends and neighbors with suspicion. Isn’t it about time to revitalize neglected relationships? Even though most state and local governments have yet to meet CDC recommended thresholds for reopening, they plan to anyway.

There’s a strong chance that you will be allowed to go back to work in the weeks and months ahead. Whether or not you choose to do so is a personal choice — and one for which all due consideration should be given.

Failing to go might mean your job. Going might mean your life.

Make no mistake, coronavirus has not stopped advancing. Los Angeles put into place some of the tightest restrictions anywhere in the country, and cases are starting to rise steadily (even before the slew of protests that have been ongoing for nearly two weeks, and continue today). 

How people will react to the inevitable spike in coronavirus cases is anyone’s guess, which is why we recommend using protective masks and gloves whenever possible. Please stay away from those who are infected, even if they are close family members. Do not go to work when you know you are ill. Stay home instead.

We are already experiencing an influx of calls related to coronavirus lawsuits, some frivolous and some not. While we sift through these cases, we want you to know that we’ve got your back no matter what happens. Our lawyers are the best at what they do. No one should be forced into financial ruin because of another person, and many of those people who haven’t been taking this pandemic seriously are accusing of purposefully spreading the virus.

These are not just civil cases. These are criminal cases, and these individuals can and will be prosecuted with making (and carrying out) a terrorist threat, especially if infected themselves. Contact us with your story as soon as possible.