California Wildfires – What Can You Do

In December 2017, 29 wildfires broke out in Southern California. But only 6 out of the 29 were responsible for the damage and personal injuries that were caused. In total, there were 230,000 evacuated and 184 destroyed homes. These wildfires also destroyed so much of the land that it is responsible for the mudslides that occurred in early January 2018 as well. The mudslides alone led to 21 deaths, 28 injuries, and destroyed 129 homes and 307 other properties.

The exact cause of the Southern California Wildfires has not be pinpointed but it is believed that it was a combination of electrical equipment failure and Santa Anna winds. There have been several cases brought against Southern California Edison (SoCal Edison) as it is believed that their power lines might have played a part in the starting of the wildfires. In fact, the city of Ventura has filed a lawsuit against SoCal Edison, however, the case was dismissed because they are co-defendants on other Thomas Fire cases. 

California has something called the inverse condemnation law which states that if your property damage was caused by the wildfires then you are entitled to compensation from SoCal Edison whether it is determined if they are negligent or not. It is a bit more tricky with personal injury. In order to successfully file a lawsuit for personal injury, the fire department has to prove that SoCal was indeed negligent and that their negligence was responsible directly for your injuries. This differs from those who suffered from the Northern California fires as it has been proven that PG&E was negligent.

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