Believe It Or Not, You Can Be Sued For…

We live in the era of the lawsuit. When someone hurts us, we don’t say, “Hey, it was just an accident. Let’s move on.” Instead, we call a personal injury lawyer to make sure we’re compensated for our financial losses. And why shouldn’t we? Someone else’s mistakes shouldn’t be ours to deal with. This era is about promoting fairness after all! That’s why we decided to make this list. You should know what might get you sued!

  1. As awful as it might sound, something as simple as sharing a photo to your blog could get you sued for copyright infringement if you don’t make sure no one owns the rights to it first. Of course, the plaintiff will probably need to prove you either damaged the property of made money off it if they expect to win the case.

    IP lawyer Tanisia Nicole Moore said, “We are all guilty of sharing an image online, but what most people don’t realize is that these images are protected through copyright law. The owner of the image can then sue you for using their work without permission.” Believe it or not, the number of these lawsuits are actually on the rise.
  2. And be extra careful about what you say online, because more people are taking their petty complaints to court on the basis of defamation. A judge won’t allow you to say you were just venting as an excuse to technically break the law if your complaints aren’t actually — and entirely — true.

    Attorney Paul H. Cannon said, “Social media has become such a common part of life that people forget that anything you write on social media is a publication, so if you write a false statement about someone online and it causes them harm to their reputation or financial loss, you can be sued for libel.”
  3. Be careful about what you say when posting a review online! People have been sued for this too, because business owners will claim they suffered undue financial losses. Cannon said, “As humans, we sometimes have a tendency to get outraged when we do not think we have been treated fairly. This can lead to embellishment of what really happened. However, you may find yourself sued for libel if you leave a very bad review.”
  4. Don’t get in a car accident. Common sense, right? But what isn’t common sense is that the person at fault for causing that collision sometimes sues the person who isn’t at fault — and gets away with it in court if you didn’t carry enough coverage to take care of expenses.

    Personal injury lawyer Andrew Winters said that not having insurance — or even not having enough — can get you sued by another person’s creditor, even if they were responsible for causing the accident.